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Rules And Guidelines


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Rules and Guidelines



Within Aragma if a player breaks the rules listed below, then a subsequent punishment will be applied to the individual. The nature of these punishments are color coded, and described in the legend below. Punishments are subject to change per the prerogative of members of the staff team.




In Game Rules


Mute Offence Meter

24 hours || 48 hours || 7 days || Permanent



1. Disrespect, Harassment and inappropriate Content 


A. Use of inappropriate language and disrespect towards peoples race, beliefs and sexual orientation ect. This will not be tolerated. If you experience  this please use the ignore system set up and report the incident within the forums report section.


B. Yelled content should also be set to the same standard.  We encourage everyone to report the person who yells inappropriate language so action can be taken.


C. Naming accounts with slanderous, inappropriate or disrespectful words are not tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result with a permanent ban of the account as we will not change the name for you.





2. Advertising


A. Any form of advertising for other servers will result in a temporary mute. Passing the offence meter will result in a permanent mute.


B. Advertising through other sources such as the Aragma Discord channel will result in a ban from the Discord channel, there are no second chances once you have been banned within Discord.






3. Spamming


A. Excessive begging will not be tolerated in Aragma.


B. Auto-typing is allowed within limits. The time gap between each message should be at least 15 seconds if not longer.





4. Real world trading


A. Under no circumstances can you real world trade with our in game currency, doing this will lead to a permanent ban without possibility of appeal.


B. We Actively aim to catch out players that try and real world trade. Any suspicious transactions shown in the trade, duel or drop logs will be monitored. 





5. Threats, hacking & Misleading links


A. Threats to DDoS a player in the community or even towards a staff member will not be taken as a joke, any reports of this offence will be looked into and will result in a permanent ban if proven guilty.


B. Any form of hacking will result in a MAC/IP ban.


C. Misleading links are also taken extremely seriously, if you feel like someone is pressuring you into opening links then report it as soon as possible.





6. Punishment Evasion


A. Punishments are given out for a reason, any evasion of punishments received will result in a higher level of punishment such as a permanent ban or MAC/IP ban. Remember we judge the punishments fairly against the broken rule. If you feel like the punishment was not justified then appeal VIA forums or Discord.





7. Encouraging others to break rules


A. Any form of encouragement towards other players to break the rules will result in a mute, see the mute offence meter above if the offence is repeated. This may drastically be altered depending on which rule is being persuaded to break.





8. Gambling/Scams/Refunds


A. Scamming will result in a permanent ban on the first offence, followed up with an IP ban if repeated. Please use trusted staff members found in game as a middle man to be safe whilst gambling, we aim to make this an enjoyable experience and wouldn't mind doing this for you.


B. Refunds of the items scammed in game will be given if video proof is provided, we do not accept images as a form of proof.


C. Having proof is key if you happen to get scammed whilst gambling or staking, please record your gambling sessions to have that assurance of safe gambling. This counts for any glitches that are found during these activities that result in lost items.





9. Impersonation


A. Any staff impersonation will not be allowed, please do not set your name to something that we might find staff member related as it results in a permanent ban of that account.


B. This also counts towards gambling host impostors,  we understand that players in the community take the time to build up a reputation of trust so we would like to keep that trust and reputation safe by not allowing impostors to objectify the users name. 


C. If you are unsure if someone is breaking this rule then please feel free to ask a staff member for confirmation.



Thank you for taking the time to read the rules, it keeps the community safe and happy which is what we aim for. 


Happy playing!


Kind Regards,

Danny and Dean.

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