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Update 21/09/2019

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- Showcase updates
- Blood content is here
- Blood tree's (Level 85 Woodcutting)
- Piranha fishing & cooking (Level 95 Fishing/Cooking)
- Bloody moss bait used for Piranha fishing obtained from burning blood logs (Level 85 Firemaking)
- Chance of bloody moss bait : 1/2 chance of getting 3 
- Piranha's can be consumed and heals 270(x10)/27 health
- Bloodwyrms, new slayer creatures (85 slayer required) 
- Pet bloodwyrm is now obtainable from Bloodywyrms
- Blood gem is now obtainable from Bloodwyrms (Combine with a Full slayer helmet for a Full blood slayer helmet)
- Full blood slayer helmet will boost max hit on task monsters by 25%! (Regular is 13%)
- Login/Loading interface re designed
- We've worked on fresh new GFX for the Discord and client!
- More GFX updates to come for the launcher/Forums
- Drop table changes
- Zulrah
- Training illusion's 
- Kalphite queen
- Crystal key chest loot table updated
- New items
- Blood hatchet ((Level 75 woodcutting)70 attack to wield)
- Bloodwyrm pet (Obtained from Bloodwyrms)
- Blood logs
- Bloody moss bait
- Raw/Cooked piranha's
- Prayer Dragonhide sets
- Full blood slayer helmet
- Blood Gem
- Small coin bag (Contains up to 300k coins)
- Coin bag (Contains up to 900k coins)
- Blood shards (Another way to obtain a dragon hatchet; upgrade a dragon hatchet, 15k shards needed)
- Other updates
- Fly fishing animation updated
- Slayer xp increased on easy tasks
- Aqua/Lava partyhat model changes
- Athena whip upgrade chance changed to 1/10
- Cystal keys are now stackable
- Bloodwyrms added to the Hard slayer task list
- Players no longer need torren essence to access torren
- Ammount to fill the well is now 100m coins
- Right click option to upgrade dragon hatchet
- Players can no longer place cannons at ::train
- Kraken tentacle spawn fixed
- Examine items to see the GE buy value
- Ironman 2 shop fixed

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Love the new bloodwyrms nice update :)

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