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How i Would Start Aragma - Decipher

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Aragma RSPS



This guide will be mainly focused around Normal Mode which i'm currently playing but should still be useful for other modes etc 


Welcome to Aragma 


Click On the Pictures to get an enlarged version 




Step 1. Start at ::Train 


Make sure to loot all Crystal Keys And Mystery Boxes you can open these for gear and lots of items to sell to the general store for money/High alchemy them.

- Loot all the Dragon bones to train Prayer on the altar at Home




Work For These Gear Pieces -


- Dragon Defender [Epic On Legendary Box table] [ If you don't get this item you can get this via Warriors Guild]

- Fire Cape [ From Crystal Keys or Legendary Boxes] [ If you don't get lucky you can get this via fight caves then - > Jad ]

- Dragon Platebody [Common Drop 1/40 ]         @ illusions

- Dragon Platelegs  [Common Drop 1/40 ]         @ illusions

- Amulet of Fury      [Uncommon Drop 1/155]    @ illusions

- Abyssal Whip       [Uncommon Drop 1/155]    @ illusions

- Dragon Boots       [Crystal Key Common Drop] 

- Barrows Gloves - Obtained by Jack supplies shop @::home




Now if you followed correctly and got the drops you should be looking like a gangster like the image below




Side Note you can continue farming whips to try upgrade them at Athena 1/10 Chance to get a superior whip she is located at ::train or ::home


Step 2. Now you have a good set of basic gear go ahead and sell or Alch; Dragon Bones once you got 95+ Prayer, Crystal key items you don't need, Mystery Box items you don't want. With the money you now have buy the supplies you need from the consumable shop at home.




Step 3. At this point you have the gear to kill many of the bosses, I would highly suggest getting 75 Slayer and Killing Lime Dire wolves Located at ::train




These Are pretty easy to Kill Just pray mage and dodge the howl by moving a few tiles away from your original spot. I would kill this NPC till you can get the Lime Whip this is a very powerful whip and a massive upgrade to your characters effectiveness.


At this point i have run out of media im allowed to upload but non the less the guide continues 


Step 4. *Optional Stage* At this stage you have a weapon that will kill many monsters pretty fast i would suggest trying Bandos boss and try get the bandos tassets and chestplate to increase your dps further.


How ever if you choose to, you can start to go for the best in slot items such as Wrathful gear [Range Best in Slot] from the wrathful demons or you can continue with your melee gear and try for numb gear from the numb monsters


Step 5. Acquiring A Top tier weapon last of all this will be the last stage to your quest below i will list the top tier Weapons and which Npc to get it from; 


Torren - Torren Brutal

Bloodwyrm - Sanguinesti Staff 

Kraken - Aqua Scythe 

Chaos Elemental - Elemental Scythe 

Sagittariis - Twisted Bow


Tips - i would highly recommend getting max cape it has many perks some of the noteworthy ones are built in Charming imp & Bone Crusher also the coolest perk in my opinion is that it sends all items dropped from NPC's to the bank.


Goodluck with your grinds as always this is just a very brief guide to give you an outline on what to do  :)

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Nice guide!

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